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Laura Slyman Team Case Study

Real estate websites seem to all have the same content. The content relies entirely on syndicated listings from the MLS. We wanted to do something disruptively different and started by developing a proprietary content management system that created websites for each property the Laura Slyman Team listed.
We think you'll agree, this isn't an ordinary real estate website.

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The Results

  • 86%

    Increase in
    Social Media Followers
  • 50K+

    In New
    Website Visitors
  • 75K+

    Pages of
    Content Viewed

Technical Overview

Custom Marketing

Communicating Competitive Advantages

We set out to develop a site that would tangibly make the case as to why the Laura Slyman Team would be the best choice for real estate services. In our research we found that most REALTORS© do not effectively communicate their value proposition and leave potential customers without true insight as to the vast differences in services from one REALTOR© to another.

It wasn't good enough to simply write copy to convey the Laura Slyman Team's competitive advantages and value offer, we wanted to create an experience. We architected and implemented adaptive media streaming and embedded 6 videos that explain the Laura Slyman Team difference. The completed site streams these videos perfectly, regardless of the device they're being viewed on or the user's internet download speed.

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design objectives

Our goal was an online experience that would allow visitors to tour the Laura Slyman Team's real estate listings using custom media that showcases properties online like never before.

To accomplish this we had to develop frameworks that could display high resolution images, high definition video, and 3D virtual tours quickly on desktop computers and mobile devices. Also, the experience had to be the same whether the user accessed the site via a broadband internet connection or a slower cellular connection. Fast page load times were imperative.

Our solution was to implement adaptive media buffering and cloud front image sourcing that allows for on-the-fly manipulation regardless of download speed. The site's foundation was developed on a complex content management system making updates fast and simple sitewide. All the media on the website was shot, edited, and published in our media studio. The final product is a captivating online experience.

Mobile First Design

52.2% of all website traffic is on a mobile device. The top priority for us was to ensure we developed a fully responsive site. The experience must be consistent regardless of screen size.

Page & Media Load Times

User internet speeds and bandwidth vary, but we wanted a media centric website. We implemented adaptive buffering and cloud front image sourcing to maintain quick load times regardless of download speed.

Content Management

Laura Slyman Team's real estate listings constantly need to have statuses updated and properties added or removed. Quick and simple site updates were critical. We developed a content management system allowing required changes to be deployed quickly.

Displays On
Any Mobile Device

Usability & Functionality

One of our core beliefs is that you can have the finest architected site on the planet, but if users hate navigating it, we've failed.

Resizes Content Automatically

If a user goes from viewing the site on a desktop to a mobile device, the experience must remain the same.

Adapts To
User's Download Speed

All content is adaptive to screen size and the quality (good or bad) of the user's internet connection. The experience and functionality remain consistent.

Marketing automation

Platform Targeting

Sophisticated tracking pixels serves Laura Slyman Team content to leads across different digital platforms automatically. For example, when a user visits the website, Laura Slyman Team content will now appear in their social newsfeeds.

Lead Capture
& Nurturing

The website automatically works to discover a visitor's identity, places them into a sales funnel, and records lead information into our CRM on-the-fly. Automation nurtures them through the steps of Laura Slyman Team's sales cycle.

Lead Conversion
& ROI Analytics

Our marketing automation software optimizes lead conversions and produces a bevy of analytics. This data is used to maximize marketing ROI, tweak strategy, and increase revenue growth over time.

There's Beauty
In Our Process

  • Discovery

    What do you love? What do you hate? What are your competitors doing? We start by asking the right questions and conduct market research to find out what's working best in your industry.
  • Design

    Our Graphic Designers design the site in an image based format with unlimited revisions. We don't stop until you're happy.
  • Static Development

    We code the website in static HTML, JS, & CSS so that you can navigate from page to page. It's a functioning website, but isn't dynamic.
  • Dynamic Development

    Our engineers begin server side coding. At the end of this stage, your site will now be easily updated with a custom content management system (CMS).
  • Content

    Your website's text is written, images are chosen, and products/services are added. At the same time, our engineers are coding your search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM).

Testing & Go Live

We rigorously test the site on all devices, click every link, and fill out every form. We try to break what we've built and make sure every aspect of the site functions perfectly. Once complete, we ensure site-wide SSL compliance for security and take your new website live.


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