5 Reasons Custom Websites Are Better Than Templates

5 Reasons Custom Websites Are Better Than Templates

Sun, Jul 08, 2018

In this day and age, owning a small- or medium-sized business means you need to invest in a website. In 2016 alone, online sales grew over 15%. Experts expect this trend to continue. Investing in a website means you can snag a growing portion of the market, a vital lifeline for smaller businesses. However, not many business owners are also web developers. So, where do you start?

Deciding You Need A Website: Custom-Built Or Use A Template?

There are many reasons small- and medium-sized businesses choose to build a website. For initial startup cost and perceived ease, many of those businesses decide to use a template for their website. However, businesses that choose to use a custom-built website design often see more long-term benefits. While the decision on which type of website design to use is entirely a personal one, when you take the time to truly compare the costs and benefits of both website designs, it quickly becomes apparent that money invested into a custom website design is money well spent.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom Website Designs

1. Custom designs are proven to be more effective than templates.

While true that custom designs have a higher initial cost and take a little longer to build than a template, this investment is worth it. Custom designs are proven to have a higher return on investment. These designs are tailored specifically to your business and its unique demands, which allows you to prioritize targets and objectives, crushing your goals. Templates do not offer this flexibility, which means you cannot take advantage of viral marketing. Overall, custom website designs are more flexible and therefore more effective than templates.

2. Custom designs offer greater scale-ability and control.

Templates offer little in the way of control; they are not customize-able, have clunky controls for the user, and tend to be less secure. You can avoid all of this by investing in a custom design, which will work well when your business grows, allow you to customize your content and aesthetic design, and ensure your customers’ security.

3. Custom designs stay relevant longer while offering a higher rate of return on your investment.

The average lifespan of a template is approximately 12-18 months, meaning you will be redesigning quite soon. However, the average life cycle of a custom-designed web page is between 3 and 4 years. Thus, the slightly higher initial cost actually ends up costing less over time. These designs are also more stable; the familiarity of having the same basic design over several years keeps customers engaged and results in better sales.

4. Custom designs are automatically primed to maximize search engine optimization content while serving mobile users.

Templates often do not work well across multiple browsers and leave much to be desired for mobile users. As smartphones increasingly become integrated into our lives, mobile searches become more popular. Not catering to this demographic (who are also more inclined to purchase things online) would be a terrible mistake. Additionally, you can easily control and change your SEO content, keeping you relevant on search pages and driving more clients to your virtual doorstep.

5. Custom designs offer credibility and lose fewer visitors due to a more integrated user interface.

Templates are obvious, and they leech credibility from your business. Users who are easily able to navigate a site will return to it, especially if the site offers built-in encryption to keep their data safe. Custom designed websites offer a level of credibility and safety that templates cannot.

The Best Custom Website Design

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